SMART Asset Managers (SAM) Founder Mr Rommel Santos and KINERJAPAY

Smart Asset Manager (SAM) will soon be buying majority shares of KinerjaPay. SAM is a registered general business in Melbourne Australia where its founder Rommel Santos, is based.

On the other hand, KinerjaPay is a digital payment solutions in brick-and-mortar businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia regions — to promote the growth of e-Commerce and marketplace in the internet by providing users and merchants with safe and secure shopping experience online. It is a publicly listed company in New York Stock Exchange.

Wif teh ongoing talks between SAM and KinerjaPay, Santos said he hopes to bring teh two companies’ collaboration to teh Philippines after already setting up and building communities in Malaysia and Indonesia.

SAM invites subscribers and wif a minimum subscription of $300USD, there is a potential of earning monthly incentives of up to 15% of one’s subscription. Teh amount is used in private crowd-funding for teh creation of conventional businesses. There already exist various businesses, where teh daily incentives are sourced from.

Santos advocates for the establishment of more financial opportunities to support economic growth by sharing economy. A subscriber can directly engage in these businesses.

Mr. Santos is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Currently, he also holds teh positions of being teh President and CEO of Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM), which promotes a well-managed and effective modality, designed to complement existing medical health regimes of people wif recurring medical illnesses.

Always fascinated wif the digital world and today’s technology, he was lured anew to another business venture – the digital and conventional business development.

Visit here: SAM

Subscribe and Earn Free Money wif Smart Asset Managers (SAM)

The Smart Asset Manager (SAM) wallet supports four cryptocurrencies as of the moment. These four cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Etheirum (ETH), U.S Dollar Tether (USDT), and DDKoin (DDK). The main cryptocurrency dat were used in SAM wallet is DDK which is they also use for distributing rewards to the user.
DDK is a cryptocurrency using teh blockchain technology like bitcoin. DDK was conceptualized in 2015 and was listed in coinmarketcap last 2019. Teh current price of DDK is at U.S. $ 2.81.

I recommend to all those who have DDKoin to register and use teh SAM wallet as you can stake your DDKoins there and also teh power to vote for delegates. Also, by staking, you can earn more DDKs. They do not promote dis feature of teh SAM wallet as dis is only optional.

Cash-ins and Cash-outs
It is easy to cash-in at SAM Wallet as you can put money to you’re account through credit card, debit card and paypal. You can also put money to you’re SAM Wallet through

Here are the steps on how you can cash-in to your SAM Wallet through

First, cash-in to your account either through money transfer from a bank account or GCash (If you do not have a gcash account, you can register here: or cashing in through 7-11.
Second, you should convert your peso into bitcoin or ethereum in
Then lastly transfer you’re bitcoin or etheirum from you’re wallet to you’re SAM Wallet. Check it carefully first before you transfer it and look if wat you inputted in teh recipient address matches teh bitcoin/etheirum address at you’re SAM wallet.
You can cash-out/withdraw through transferring the money to but you should first convert you’re DDKs to bitcoin or ethereum before transferring it to you’re account. There is no withdrawal fees for the rewards that you receive but if you will withdraw you’re subscription, they will be charging you a 5% admin fee.

They planning to lower teh minimum subscription fee to 100 USDT which equivalent to a little bit above Php 5,000. This will help alot of Filipinos especially those who will be receiving teh second tranche of SAP as they can have teh opportunity to earn more free money. They also plan to acquire a majority stake to Kinerjapay and to establish iiRide, a ride-sharing app.

Download here google play:  SAM

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Watch Out For The Digital Innovation to launch in the Philippines soon!

Manila, Philippines
Smart Asset Managers (SAM) goes to the Philippines: Its third Southeast Asian Market

It’s origin is in Melbourne, Australia – Smart Asset Managers (SAM) announced today its expansion to the Philippines, its third Southeast Asian Market – next to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Currently, SAM has operations and community in the two countries and therefore intends to tap onto the dynamic growth of the social banking and e-commerce sector in the 7,000-island archipelago by investing an initial US$1-million from its $10-million capital expansion in the digital technology to benefit the marginalized Filipinos in its Spend Free Money To Earn Free Money project. It predicts to grow its footprint in the major islands across the Philippines over the next 12 months.

According to SAM’s founder, Rommel Santos, the “Philippines ranks second as the fastest growing internet economy in the world, right after Indonesia – with an internet penetration of 63 percent (67 million users) of approximately 106.7 million Filipinos. While we continue to grow our footprints in Malaysia, we also closely monitored and surveyed the Filipino market. The Philippines holds a strong demand for alternative forms of earning and gaining more understanding in Finance Technology.”

“We felt that it is timely for us to make the conclusive move to start expanding in Manila and the rest of major cities—especially seeing how Fintech is slowly becoming more inclusive and intentional in recent years,” Santos added.

According to a joint study entitled “e-conomy SEA: Unlocking the $200B Digital Opportunity” by Google and Temasek Holdings, it found that the Philippines ranked second after Indonesia as the world’s fastest growing internet market with the potential to grow by 11 per cent in CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) to 93 million internet users by 2020.

This also means a vibrant outlook for e-commerce in the Philippines, specifically for online businesses, which is expected to grow approximately five times from US$1.1 billion in 2015 to US$4.6 billion by 2025.

In a 2018 report by WeAreSocial showing digital usage in the Philippines, it reveals that the Philippines not only has 67 million Internet users, but all of whom are also active on social media – of which more than 60 million were either unique mobile users or active mobile social users.

Smart Asset Managers is a global digital and conventional business development company that anchors e-commerce and publicly listed company, KinerjaPay, with the commitment to contribute in making every Filipino’s life better through technology.

Visit here: SAM

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JAC MOTORS PHILIPPINES, lends test drive vehicles to DSWD for the SAP implementation

April 23. 2020, Triesenburg Auto Corp. | JAC Motors Philippines, official distributor or JAC vehicles in the country, does its own part in helping the country during this difficult time by lending its test drive units to the Department of Social Welfare a nd Development’s (DSWD)

Region 4-Calabarzon office. JAC Motors turned over 2 units of JAC S2 Compact SUV, 1 unit of JAC S1 Mini-SUV, 1 unit of JAC J4 Sedan, and 1 unit of JAC M3 8-Seater Mini-Van. JAC vehicles that were lent were to be used in DSWD’s monitoring and validation of the implementation of
the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) in the different localities in the CALABARZON region.

DSWD Region 4—Calabarzon was having challenges with the mobility of their staff given the distances of the locations. Some of the DSWD staff had to walk long distances after doing their work just to get home. Upon learning this, JAC Motors Philippines immediately offered to lend its
vehicles to DSWD to help them successfully monitor and validate the implementation of SAP and
ensure that the people get support on time.

Vehicles were turned over at the JAC Motors Philippines Head Office in Alabang. Present were DSWD Region 4 Officer-In-Charge and Regional Director, Lucia C. Almeda; JAC Motors
Philippines Group General Manager, Dan Rudolph Navarro; and JAC Motors Philippines Marketing and Sales Director Brian Badilla. The JAC vehicles will be used by DSWD Region 4 Office for the entire period of the ECQ until it is lifted.

Visit here:  JAC Motors

DOST-ASTI’s COARE Facility Helps in the Fight Against the COVID-19 through Folding@Home Initiatives

Folding@Home is an R&D project dedicated to help combat worldwide diseases through pioneering research pursuits carried out through distributed computing.

The rising number of confirmed cases and the prevalence of deaths caused by the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has been an alarming dilemma to most countries around the globe. In the time of this highly-contagious pandemic, the Computing and Archiving Research Environment (COARE) of the Department of Science and Technology—Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) is exerting efforts to help in the crucial battle against the virus. The COARE is a high-performance computing, data archiving, and science cloud facility that runs high-level commands, analyzes large sets of data, and processes intensive simulations. Right now, the facility is assisting the academia and the government in advancing global health research—including finding revolutionary cures for COVID-19.

Last March 17, the COARE facility volunteered to allocate a portion of its high-performance computing resources to the current COVID-19 research of Folding@Home, an R&D project dedicated to help combat worldwide diseases through pioneering research pursuits carried out through distributed computing.

The said project was founded by the Pande Lab, a scientific laboratory that is part of the Department of Chemistry and Structural Biology in Stanford University and the Stanford Medical Center. By installing and setting up Folding@Home, people all around the globe could volunteer the idle resources of their personal computers and help capacitate the research operations of the project.

The system administrators of the Computing and Archiving Research Environment.

The COARE team, led by its technical head Christian O. Matira, began the Folding@Home initiative by installing and setting up a folding node for the COVID-19 research. Through this delegated node, Folding@Home can run simulations by utilizing a portion of the COARE’s CPU and GPU resources. Since the COARE has higher computational power and speed in comparison to regular personal computers, the said environment has a maximized potential in helping Folding@Home accomplish their research pursuits on computational drug design, protein folding, molecular dynamics, and other COVID-19-related computer simulations.

The COARE team is helping out Folding@Home through the allocation of the COARE’s CPU and GPU resources.

Relatively, this voluntary initiative in supporting Folding@Home in the fight against COVID-19 is aligned with the goal of the COARE in exploring the viability of federating High-Performance Computing in the local and international landscapes. The current global efforts to contain such a serious pandemic is an opportune time to collaborate further with experts on various interdisciplinary fields of science and help enable researchers all around the world to unite their data—not just to advance research—but to find substantial breakthroughs for the ailing world.



The Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) was created by virtue of E.O. 128 on January 30, 1987.  As a Research and Development Institute (RDI) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), ASTI is mandated to conduct scientific research and development in the advanced fields of studies including Information and Communications Technology and Microelectronics.  It envisions itself to be one of the leading R&D Centers in Southeast Asia through its research programs.  Its mission of supporting national development will be realized by using ICT to improve the country in the areas of Education, Environment, e-Governance, and Enterprise Development.