DTI: Trade Promotions Group led by Undersecretary Abdulgani Macatoman together with Center for International Trade Expositions and MissionsExecutive Director Pauline Juan and Deputy Executive Director Malou Mediran; EMB’s Director Senen M. Perlada, and Assistant Director Anthony Rivera welcomes the Russian Delegation of VIB Buyers – Royal Fresh, Russian Fish Company and East Foods led by PTIC-Moscow’s CC Kristine Umali at the #IFEXPhilippines#NXTFoodAsia last 26-24 May 2019 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

Celebrate the High Life for a Cause at the 13th World Bazaar Festival

This holiday season, prepare to enter a different world and be captivated, as Worldbex Services International, for the benefit of the ABS CBN Foundation Inc., presents the 13th World Bazaar Festival— a grand celebration of the high life for a cause! From December 6 to 22, World Trade Center-Manila will open its majestic golden doors to shoppers who will be greeted by an enormous collection of more than 1000 booths from the biggest retail brands.

True to its form as the ultimate fête for lifestyle shopping, the World Bazaar Festival will stage an unforgettable show of marvelous acts that include a bloggers assembly, a street dance competition, an exclusive fair for the little tykes, and stellar celebrity performances. Open from Monday to Thursday – 12nn to 10pm and Friday to Sunday 10am to 12mn, the 13th World Bazaar Festival invites everyone to the most magnificent and glamorous Christmas festivity yet. Rub elbows with today’s most sought after ABS-CBN stars like Judy Ann Santos, Kim Chiu, Phoemela Baranda, Toni Gonzaga, Matteo Guidicelli and more as you share the good life with ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

From the fashion forwards, to the food lovers, and the little tots, the 13th World Bazaar Festival is truly the annual affair where everyone can indulge in their own guilty pleasures. At Designer’s Avenue, super shoppers will be glad to splurge on the brands they love, such as CMG Group (CLN, SO! Fab, & Traffic), MALDITA, Rustans, Adidas, Rayban, and Vans, among others. And on December 7, Bloggers United 6 is set to become the biggest convergence of the local fashion scene’s influencers and growing trendsetting followers.

For the certified foodie, Woobie’s Goodies and Woobie’s Food World should definitely be on top of one’s list. From December 13 to 15, Treats for Tots shall transport the young ones to a magical and exciting world, while their parents could enjoy bargains, workshops, and more! And as a World Bazaar staple, export quality Christmas Decors by the Christmas Decor Association of the Philippines will be available at the Christmas Village.

To push the envelope even further, the World Bazaar Festival will also celebrate extraordinary talents, guaranteed to create not just entertainment, but lasting experiences. First off, Woobie’s Street Dance Competition will feature up and coming dance groups who will have a chance to compete in the grand finals on December 18. And for the first time, the spotlight will shine on the brightest and most talented kids aged 4 to 6, as they charm their way to become the first Woobie’s Kid Idol on December 14. As bazaar essentials, expect to see the familiar show stoppers—the Kapamilya stars at their own booths or on stage, either dressed down or dolled-up the usual way. With the biggest highlight of the event, a pocket event for kids and moms will answer every kid’s Christmas wishlist as Treats for Tots Expo will open from December 13 to 15. Hourly raffle winners will also be announced to keep you on your toes and make your shopping experience even more exciting!

Relish the decadence of the shopping season, and experience a different reality at the 13th World Bazaar Festival for the benefit of the ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., this December 6 to 22 at the World Trade Center – Manila. Indeed, there is no reason to shop elsewhere, as Worldbex Services International Marketing Director JR Ang perfectly puts it, “You name it, we have it.” The 13th World Bazaar Festival is once again brought to you by Worldbex Services International, the leading events company devoted to bringing world-class and groundbreaking events to the Filipino people.

Regroe: Number one hair regrowth treatment

Hair loss can be a serious problem for both men and women and we all know that hair is associated with self-image and beauty; hair loss can be a nightmare.

Among the reasons for hair loss are androgenetic alopecia, male and female pattern baldness, and stress. Worry no more because Minoxidil Regroe is the answer to your hair loss problems. Regroe is the number one hair regrowth treatment, and is recognized as a safe and effective hair growth solution because of its active ingredient – Minoxidil. It is the first to use Minoxidil in its formulation, pioneering the hair regrowth industry in the Philippines. Minoxidil Regroe is dermatologist tested and is formulated by Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, known to be the “Father of Dermatology” in the Philippines.

When used regularly, Regroe works in three ways: Regroe prevents the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for hair thinning and falling. Second, Regroe directly stimulates the small hair matrix cells to continuously divide and multiply in order to produce longer and thicker hair. And lastly, Regroe improves dilates and increases the size of smaller blood vessels around the follicles improving blood flow and oxygenation for better nutrition of the follicles.

With more men and women becoming increasingly mindful about their looks, some of these hair conscious individuals turn to trusted hair solution brands to maintain as well as to improve their appearance in a healthy way.

Minoxidil Regroe is available in the following variants: 3, 5, and 6 percent. It is best partnered with Pregroe 4inOne Hair Care System (Shampoo, Conditioner, and Gel).

Minoxidil Regroe is available in all leading drugstores, selected department stores, and supermarkets nationwide. For inquiries, call our hotline (02) 817-3303 or visit Regroe Website at http://www.regroe.com.ph

Gluta Advance keeps your skin healthy and beautiful all over

A clear, radiant skin is not only a sign of beauty but also of good health. With this, you have to make sure that your skin is well-taken care of. To keep it smooth, clear and moisturized, we need to use skin care products that can wash away dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Likewise, these products should help in minimizing skin pores, restoring skin’s natural moisture, and hydrating the skin.

Gluta Advance is infused with ingredients for our skin needs making it not only whiter but also firmer. It is a complete skin care line that has double whitening strengths of Glutathione and Clair Blanche, double firming components of L-Carnitine and Lipofirm, and Vitamin C that further enhances skin whitening and prevents it from UV damage.

Glutathione, one of the double whitening ingredients found in Gluta Advance, is a known skin whitener as well as a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin aging. Glutathione works by inhibiting melanin production on skin. To complement Gluta Advance’s double whitening strength is Clair Blanche, a special blend of 7 active ingredients including Kojic Acid, Acetyl, Tyrosine, Sodium Sulfite, Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phospate, Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, Arbutin and Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract that will inhibit melanin formation to achieve a radiant, white skin.

As people reaches old age, skin’s volume particularly in the face decreases. Once the supporting structure of the skin depletes, skin begins to lose its firmness and fullness, resulting to skin aging.

To retain skin firmness, Gluta Advance infuses two known firming ingredients: L-Carnitine and Lipofirm. L-Carnitine acts as an antioxidant that fights free radicals harming the cells. L-Carnitine is hygroscopic which means even small amounts are able to hydrate the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and moisturized. Meanwhile, Lipofirm deals in removing unwanted stretch marks and cellulites.

With the addition of Vitamin C, Gluta Advance skin care products help in protecting skin cells as well as supporting skin’s structure from UV-related damages thus resulting to healthy skin with youthful glow.

Coined as CTMP which stands for Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, and Protect, this skin care regimen has Facial Wash and Bar Soap to cleanse face and body from dirt buildup due to our everyday activities and exposure to pollution. It also offers Gluta Advance Facial Toner that helps in skin toning process. Gluta Advance Facial Cream helps in retaining skin’s moisture. Gluta Advance Body Lotion provides moisture on skin especially on exposed parts of the body like the hands, arms, knees, and legs. To top it all these products contain sunscreen component to protect the skin from damages caused by UV exposure. For skin that is healthy and beautiful all over, experience professional skin care whitening and firming within reach using Gluta Advance Products.

Gluta Advance is dermatologist tested and is formulated by Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, known to be the “Father of Dermatology” in the Philippines.

Gluta Advance is available in all leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets nationwide. For inquiries, call our hotline (02) 817-3303 or visit Gluta Advance facebook page.



Do your work shoes make your feet hurt? Try the ultimate modern ergonomic gentlemen’s oxford. Our Lewis is a precision-fitting handsome leather lace-up in sophisticated smooth leather, with delicate stitch lines, tailored foxing and world-class biomechanics tucked underfoot*. The ultimate perfect-with-a-suit commuter shoe.
*on our mid-width MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ midsole, for a standard width fit
Available in: Black, Chocolate, Bungee Cord
SRP: Php. 8,990

The world’s most amazing loafer (with high-tech biomechanics inside). Our groovy new hybrid soft-moc has a super-comfy midsole* for walk-all-day cushioning and ergonomics. Great for sports-tired guys. Addictive. Comfy. Cool.
*on our classic MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ midsole, designed for a generous, free-foot fit

Available in: Pebble, Supernavy and Sunflower
SRP: Php. 7,490


Fit  Flop  PR Flex_Loafer_Super_Navy

Fit  Flop  PR





Just Mobile Slide is the take-anywhere, do-anything iPad stand. Designed by the award-winning team at tools, the innovative aluminum – but its secret weapon is the high-friction rubber cylinder stowed in its tubular support.

Simply place the cylinder at the top of the Slide, lay your iPad on top and lift it to exactly the angle you require. The cylinder will roll down to hold your iPad firmly in place in both portrait or landscape mode, providing solid support for typing, swiping and gaming – at any angle.

· Iconic design
· Wide range of viewing angles
· Solid support for gaming and typing
· High-quality aluminum construction
· Works in portrait and landscape mode
· Best of Show 2011 by iLounge.com
· red dot design award – best of the best 2011
· Compatible with all iPads



JUST MOBILE offers an innovative solution that lets you charge all your mobile devices while on the road. The Just Mobile Highway Pro is the iconic twin-slot in-car charger for iPhone, iPad and other USB-powered devices. Now, there’s no need to worry about running out of battery.

Highway Pro plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, revealing its diamond-tread aluminum head with subtle power light. Highway Pro comes with two USB ports that can charge two devices simultaneously.

The Just Mobile Highway Pro comes bundled with a 1.8m micro USB-to-USB cable. To locate a reseller near you, please emailmarketing@msi-ecs.com.ph.

Mouse that doubles as charger

Energ Mouse_Boxshot

Energy Mouse-Blue

Genius, known for combining functions of multiple peripherals in one sleek form factor, rolls out the availability of NX-6500 Energy Mouse which doubles as charger for smartphones and tablets. The mouse comes with a microUSB port to connect to a smartphone or tablet for charging. Embedded in the mouse is a 2,700mAH Li-polymer battery for excellent charge control and four LED lights to indicate battery capacity as well as charging status.
To ensure that mouse operation is not affected, it comes with special battery reserve feature for one AA battery. The bi-directional 2.4GHz anti-interference technology ensures a reliable working distance of up to 10 meters. Enjoy responsive cursor control and effortless scrolling.

Genius NX-6500 comes in three colors: Metallic Gray, Red and Silver and is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For availability, please email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph.