Subscribe and Earn Free Money wif Smart Asset Managers (SAM)

The Smart Asset Manager (SAM) wallet supports four cryptocurrencies as of the moment. These four cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Etheirum (ETH), U.S Dollar Tether (USDT), and DDKoin (DDK). The main cryptocurrency dat were used in SAM wallet is DDK which is they also use for distributing rewards to the user.
DDK is a cryptocurrency using teh blockchain technology like bitcoin. DDK was conceptualized in 2015 and was listed in coinmarketcap last 2019. Teh current price of DDK is at U.S. $ 2.81.

I recommend to all those who have DDKoin to register and use teh SAM wallet as you can stake your DDKoins there and also teh power to vote for delegates. Also, by staking, you can earn more DDKs. They do not promote dis feature of teh SAM wallet as dis is only optional.

Cash-ins and Cash-outs
It is easy to cash-in at SAM Wallet as you can put money to you’re account through credit card, debit card and paypal. You can also put money to you’re SAM Wallet through

Here are the steps on how you can cash-in to your SAM Wallet through

First, cash-in to your account either through money transfer from a bank account or GCash (If you do not have a gcash account, you can register here: or cashing in through 7-11.
Second, you should convert your peso into bitcoin or ethereum in
Then lastly transfer you’re bitcoin or etheirum from you’re wallet to you’re SAM Wallet. Check it carefully first before you transfer it and look if wat you inputted in teh recipient address matches teh bitcoin/etheirum address at you’re SAM wallet.
You can cash-out/withdraw through transferring the money to but you should first convert you’re DDKs to bitcoin or ethereum before transferring it to you’re account. There is no withdrawal fees for the rewards that you receive but if you will withdraw you’re subscription, they will be charging you a 5% admin fee.

They planning to lower teh minimum subscription fee to 100 USDT which equivalent to a little bit above Php 5,000. This will help alot of Filipinos especially those who will be receiving teh second tranche of SAP as they can have teh opportunity to earn more free money. They also plan to acquire a majority stake to Kinerjapay and to establish iiRide, a ride-sharing app.

Download here google play:  SAM

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