From Right : Soraya Villanueva Rieta Of Mulat Broadcasting Entertainment And Media Inc., Danilo A. Razo, Congresswoman Evelina ” Nanay” Escudero, Becky Razo, Lea Zoraina Sindao Lim, Dessu Mendoza at the Kasanggayahan Festival 2019 – Art Competition held at Sorsogon Museum, Sorsogon City

Sorsogon  City   Sorsogon  Culture  &  Arts Foundation  was  headed by Congresswoman  Evelina  “ Nanay”  Escudero   with  her  organizer  Mr. Dan  Razo  Of  Sorsogon  City, Community Based  Theater Group  Movers.

Artists, Tim Yap  and   Becky  Razo   had a very successful art competition held at Sorsogon  Museum  at  Sorsogon City.

Cong.  Evie   “ Nanay” Escudero  lead the ribbon cutting ceremony along with the   Board member Mr.  Butch  Ravanilla, Mr Ed Atutubo, Mr Dan Razo together with the three judges  of the Art Competition.

The Camalig String Rondalla  serenaded everyone in the  event.

Several  participating municipalities who joined the  art competition  are as follows  : Bulan, Matnog,  Sorsogon, Juban, Prieto Diaz, Irosin, Butusan,Pillar, Castilla, Gubat, Barcelona.

Some of their  Board  Of   Judges are  as follows : 

  1. Ms  Dessu Mendoza Reyes UST, Master Al UP, Instructor and research writer, College of Architecture and Fine  Arts, TARLAC University
  2. Mr. Albert Avellana Owner of Avellana Art Gallery President – Museum Foundation of the Philippines
  3.  Ms Lea Zoraina Sindao Lim Held 7 solo shows and participated group of shows locally and internationally and a lot more Currently taking up a masters degree in fine arts UP, bachelors degree management in ateneo de Manila First Female artist to win First Place in the oil canvas category The Metro Bank Young painter. She has also won awards for short experimental and animation videos

Other guests present during the art completion are  the following :

Mr. Bobby Gigantone of Tourism  Representative, Mr Ed Atutubo,  representative  for  the  Vice  Mayor and Provincial  Board member of Sorsogon, Mr Ceasar Balmaceda, Provincial Administrator, and Soraya  Villanueva Rieta  of  Mulat Broadcasting Entertainment and Media Inc.