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#6th Anniversary Of Brand Magazine

Pilipino Mirror

Launching Of (ASAP) Property Management and Consultancy Inc. at the Grand Ballroom, Diamond Hotel, Manila


ASAP Property Management and Consultancy Inc. were launched last  July  18,2016 at  the Grand Ballroom, Diamond Hotel, Manila. A  company who used to sell  real estate properties  not only in the Philippines but  also in the International market  according to their  Chief Executive Officer, Ms  Viviana C. Yap. For ten  long years, the company has so many trials, errors  before they reach their goals, especially in selling  vertical and horizontal properties.

Ms Yap plans to buy a property in Manila to become their  general  headquarters in the future. Present during the event are officers, members, agents, lawyers  V.I.P guests and several invited media.   For any interested party, you may contact  Ms Viviana  C.  Yap / Pres and their office is  located at  2028 Rizal Avenue  Sta  Cruz, Manila  with  tel  no  347-1006  or  mobile  no  0922-8301006  or email us @  asapemail88@gmail.com. Website :www.alpci.com.ph  /// Michael Balaguer  (photo is courtesy by  Benjie  acong )


#SSS issues over 300,000 membership numbers to online applicants

The Social Security System (SSS) has issued more than 300,000 membership numbers thru its website in just nine months after launching the online service in September last year, as current and future workers take advantage of the faster and more convenient way to get their social security (SS) number.

SSS Assistant Vice President and Officer-in-Charge of the Service Delivery Department Renato N. Malto said that nearly 80 percent of about 313,000 online SS number applicants as of June 2016, were aged 18 to 26, including recent college graduates and young adults seeking employment for the first time.

The online issuance of SS number is part of our continuing campaign to expand our website’s capabilities to provide more convenient alternatives to over-the-counter applications. This way, members can transact with SSS electronically, instead of lining up in our branches and service offices,” Malto said.

Only individuals below age 60 can apply for SS numbers, whether in person at SSS offices or electronically via the SSS website (www.sss.gov.ph). Each member should only have one SS number to avoid inconsistencies in their contribution records which may delay processing of their loan and benefit applications.

The online procedure is user-friendly and makes it easy for applicants to follow the instructions. They can get their SS numbers within five to ten minutes. SS numbers issued online are tagged as temporary and can be used by employers to pay their employees’ monthly contributions,” Malto said.

To convert their temporary SS number to a permanent one, members need to present the original or certified true copy and submit a photocopy of their birth or baptismal certificate or other accepted documents displayed onscreen at the beginning of online application, to any SSS branch. Permanent numbers are required in applying for SSS benefits and loans. The same is also required in registering for an online account in the SSS website.

Upon reaching the SSS homepage, members should click on the “No SSS number yet? Apply Online” tab at the lower middle portion. A webpage containing a step-by-step guide will first appear on-screen before the individual can proceed with the actual application process.

Applicants need to provide basic information such as their name, birth date and email address. Upon submission, a link will be sent to their email address which they would need to click within five days to confirm their application; otherwise, the link will expire and the applicant will go back to step one.

To complete the registration, applicants will be asked to review the information they have encoded and make necessary corrections before the SS number would be generated by the online system.

Applicants must be careful with the data they encode and double-check these before submitting the online form. Once the SS number is generated, they can no longer correct online what was entered, and they would have to go through the normal process of data amendment in SSS offices,” Malto advised.

After generating the SS number, the applicants’ personal record and SS number slip will be shown on-screen which they can print as proof of their online registration. Those who still opt for the manual application process for the SS number can go to SSS branches and service offices nationwide.

Apart from the online issuance of SS numbers, other SSS website transactions launched last year include the electronic filing of technical retirement claims for eligible members reaching age 65, and online submission of employees’ sickness and maternity notifications for web-registered employers.


Launching Of Holistic Integrative Care Center

HEALING that cares inspires Dr. Imelda  ” Meddie” Edodollon, MT, MD,NMD in going into integrative medicine as a diverse to the conventional medicine that we Filipino are used to. Dr. Meddie believes that integrative medicine is the best approached in healing a person, not just the body, but the person’s mind and soul as well. She  established the clinic known as  Holistic  Integrated Care Center  ( HICC).

The beauty of having the ‘ love  based’ approach in curing a patient in this kind of medication amazes Dr. Meddie, who has been a practicing  medicine doctor for the past seven years. ” We have to cure the  root cause of the sickness”  she said.  According  to Dra. Meddie, that in the field of medicine to be called healthy it is  ” not an absence of a disease but a balance of everything”. In  Integrative Medicine, it combines the conventional medicine which our medical  doctors are doing and the alternative medicine that are being practice by several people just like taking herbal medicine  to treat a particular disease or illness.

Dr. Meddie is   the only Filipino  doctor that is recognized by the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California, United States Of America that introduces a therapy  that cures cancer and other chronic diseases in the Philippines today.

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23rd Manufacturing World (MTW) together with Transport & Logistic Philippines

Thousands of stakeholders in the manufacturing industry have gathered to witness the opening ceremony of the 23rd Manufacturing World (MTW). This was  held coinciding with Transport and Logistics Philippines.  Some of the industrial leaders who graced the ceremony are (front row from left) William Yap, Willy Go, Rostico Morales, Ferdinand Raquel Santos, Wang Guiqing, Undersecretary Garry de Guzman, Angel Ngu, George Barcelon, Mario Yap and Charlie Villaseñor.  There are  more than 150 companies from the leading industrial machinery showcases  the  show  from Aug. 18 -20, 2016MTW 2016_Opening Ceremony

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True Pinoy Courier App Launched


GoMoto, the premier motorcycle e-hailing app in the Philippines, launched GO-SEND
to provide Filipinos a convenient pick-up and delivery service using the mobile app last June 8.   It is GoMoto’s   flagship on-demand service.

GoMoto CEO Nathan Lee says that this revolutionary service allows service completion within 90 minutes or   less making it a viable option for delivering day-to-day business requirements from documents to items such  as gifts and flowers that need to be transported within a very small time window.  “Once collected, the package is delivered directly to your destination fast and safe with no stops along the  way,” Lee remarked. “Our motorcycles are able to bypass the heavy Metro Manila traffic to quickly deliver your

Further, the GoMoto CEO highlighted that locating the driver through the built-in map in the GoMoto app is a  crucial feature that makes sure clients are able to track their packages.
Taking courier service to another level, Lee said that GO-SEND is currently available in Metro Manila for as low  as P60 with a free package insurance of up to P2,000. GoMoto has also taken an expansive stance as it targets  key cities across the country with their same firm customer-centric service.

Based on several reports, it has been pointed out that the traffic in the metropolis has caused businesses to  lose billions of pesos in revenues. With the introduction of this logistics solution, GoMoto not only aims to  answer the problem of high overhead cost of maintaining in-house courier fleets but also ensuring that small  businesses and online shops have access to affordable and instant deliveries.  With its cutting edge features, GoMoto will implement an electronic signature feature that will provide proof of
delivery and receipt of item including that of the issuance of a digital invoice that is sent via email.  “Our Partner Drivers are carefully screened, starting with a strict personal background check, submission of  several government clearances plus a comprehensive motorbike inspection,” Lee assured.  “They then take a traffic knowledge exam and a psychological test and undergo training  in customer service  and road safety. We then conduct a personal interview prior to accepting them in our fleet. Not only do we
seek the right technical and competency skills, but also the right attitude. It’s often the small things that make  the big difference,” He explained.

In addition, Lee says the company plans to introduce several more on-demand services in the near future. “We  are constantly coming up with new ideas to offer the public. Our sophisticated mobile technology allows us to  use the GoMoto platform to cater to any type of need. Soon, we will offer food delivery, backriding, cleaning  services, massage, repair and many more all in one mobile app!” he concludes.

About GoMoto Philippines
GoMoto Philippines is a local, all-Filipino technological startup founded in 2016. It has partnered with a credible  fleet of motorcycle drivers to provide fast and hassle-free service through their free iOS and Android app with  the objective of becoming a one-stop shop for all on-demand needs.


Peak, one the leading active wear brands in Asia, gathered select members of the media at the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila for an exclusive press conference with Peak Sports Chairman Xu Jingnan, President for International Business Department Christine Wu, and San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, one of the brand’s key endorsers. This happened on the heels of the NBA player’s arrival in the country for the FIBA Olympic Qualifier.

Both Parker and Peak shared their excitement for being in Manila not only to connect with fans of the brand but also with basketball enthusiasts who will be coming to the city to catch the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament where Peak is one of the global sponsors. Parker is playing for the French national team. This is the basketball superstar’s final tour of duty for his national team. He will be wearing his own Peak signature shoes, TP3.


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